Calculating Heart Rate Training Zones

Maximum Heart Rate Calculation
Many people still use 220 - age to calculate their Maximum Heart Rate to establish heart rate training zones. The American College of Sports Medicine updated the formula which was first set in 1971. After a 25 year study they came up with a refined formula of 207 – 0.7 x age. This formula more accurately accounts for your natural drop in heart rate as you age of 3-5% per decade vs the previous 5-7%.

In this Heart Rate Zone Calculator we also use the Karvonen method which takes account of your Heart Rate Reserve - Your Maximum Heart Rate - Resting Heart Rate. This is not quite as accurate as a field based test but is pretty close and we use this formula to establish you Lactate Threshold. From this we calculate your Training Zones for both Run and Bike.

All you have to do is enter your Waking Heart Rate and age and the calculation is automatic.

HR Zone Calculator

Zone Definitions

Zone 1 - Recovery55%65%
Zone 2 - Endurance65%75%
Zone 3 - Interval75%85%
Zone 4 - Threshold85%90%
Zone 5 - Extra Anaerobic90%100%

Run Zones

Zone 1 - Recovery00
Zone 2 - Endurance00
Zone 3 - Interval00
Zone 4 - Threshold00
Zone 5 - Extra Anaerobic0178

Bike Zones

Zone 1 - Recovery-8-8
Zone 2 - Endurance-8-8
Zone 3 - Interval-8-8
Zone 4 - Threshold-8-8
Zone 5 - Extra Anaerobic-8178